Marius Wilms

I'm tech lead, software creator and painter. I believe in digital innovation through multidisciplinarity.

As a longtime PHP professional and Go fan, I'm actively participating in the Open Source scene and enjoy collaborating with people all around the world.

Open Source Projects et al.

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You can reach me via email. Phone calls can be arranged, too.

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My fingerprint is 761C 8678 F151 EE60 5442 1D47 C26D F2F1 18E6 34F4

photo of David Persson

“We are creating technologies - then we are the technologies: Your heart is not LIKE a pump, your heart IS a pump. It’s not like your brain is like a computer, it is a computer. Until the next thing comes along: Now you’re a neural net or now you’re an information system.”
– John Brockmann in an interview with Lutz Dammbeck, Das Netz, 2004