David Persson

I'm an autodidactic software developer as well as trained visual artist and believe in new insight gained through multidisciplinarity.

I'm director and CTO at Atelier Disko in Hamburg, Germany.

As a longtime PHP professional and Go fan, I'm actively participating in the Open Source scene and enjoy collaborating with people all around the world.

Open Source Projects et al.

Work Experience

Commercial Projects et al.

  • Site for the li₃ open source project, 2015

    Relaunch and redesign of the official site for li₃ - the fast, flexible and most RAD development framework for PHP.

  • Portfolio site for Yves, 2015

    with Designer Jessica Broscheit

  • Site for Tocotronic, since 2015

    Complete Frontend & Backend Relaunch. Just in time for their new (red) album.

  • Corporate site for +KNAUSS agency, since 2014

    Featuring the retro game PONG as well as an interactive media quiz.

  • eCommerce site for Kleiderei, since 2014

    Kleiderei is a new kind of site for sharing-economy fashionistas. Fullstack implementation. I've equipped Boutique with features that allow a rental workflow.

  • Website for Atelier Disko, since 2014

    Relaunch of the Website for Atelier Disko a creative agency in Hamburg and Berlin. Built upon Bureau, with lots of love for the detail, musical error pages, a typewriter using geolocation features and weather API, custom sprite animations and a mashup feed combining multiple article sources. Featured on httpster, Typewolf and in the German PAGE-Online magazine.

  • eCommerce site for Rainmap, since 2014

    Built on Boutique and connected to logistician Die Lagerei.

  • Boutique, since 2014

    A modern, customizable and modular Lithium based eCommerce System from Atelier Disko. Full implementation, design and architecture.

  • Responsive Redesign Grand Hotel van Cleef Shop, 2013

    Grand Hotel van Cleef is an independent record label headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

  • Website for Zero Waste Germany, 2013

    Zero Waste Germany is a crowdfunded upcycling not-for-profit intiative, based in Berlin. Invite-only user signup, authoring of tutorials, articles and events; Lithium based CMS; backend and frontend development.

  • Bureau, since 2013

    A customizable and modular Lithium based Content Management System from Atelier Disko. Full implementation, design and architecture.

  • Site/shop/blog for Cleptomancix GmbH, 2012 – 2013

    Three-folded multi-lingual and multi-regional Lithium based site, blog, shop; geoip-detection; cross site authentication; newsletter; Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook integration; legacy shop integration; complete frontend and backend development; technical concept; memcached; sitemaps; elasticsearch based as-you-type search.

  • Shop for Lousy Livin' Underwear, 2012 – 2013

    Multilingual shop for Lousy Livin Underwear. Frontend development; integration newsletter, Instagram, Vimeo.

  • Feature Site for Cleptomanicx' Rollen Aaller 3, 2012

    Quick one-page feature site for famous Cleptomanicx' Rollen AALer. Coding, custom audio player, video integration and very funny ring tones... moin moin!

  • A NoSQL Database Driver, 2012

    Authentication, security, request signing, network communication.

  • Agent Workflow for NOVA Geschenke AG, 2012

    Swiss reseller; customer and agent workflows; authentication; API design, products/order management; Lithium technical consulting.

  • Media Workflow for Photographers, 2012

    WebDAV interface, media transfer handling, test coverage, integration into existing application.

  • Website for stop/the/bus productions, since 2011

    The main hub for stop/the/bus productions and feature sites for films like Episodes of Starlite, showcasing the video works of artist Frances Scholz. Site design, fullstack-development, Lithium based CMS with media handling.

  • Payments Library, 2011

    Connectivity for multiple payment processors; full test coverage, integration into existing application.

  • Website for doctor's office Lutz W. Kadner, since 2011

    Micro-website for local doctor's office; microdata; basic SEO and Google Local Business consulting.

  • Platform and Website for NPIECE, since 2009

    International CakePHP based portfolio hosting site for visual artists, multi-tenant architecture, multi-currency-, subscription-based application billing, SaaS, spam bot detection and blocking.

  • A Distributed Document Storage Facility, 2010 – 2011

    Complete implementation from prototype to product: the backend involving authentication, database connectivity, API-design, technical documentation as well as standalone PHP client and user facing site.

  • A Social Fashion Network, 2011 – 2012

    Retooling, redesign, in-site messaging, recommendations, user profiles; blog.

  • A Media Equipment Rental System, 2008

    Concept and mentoring for a rewrite of the media equipment rental system, deployed university-wide at Braunschweig University of Arts.

  • Generation of the University Calendar, 2006 – 2008

    Application, frontend and backend with XML workflows, XML transformations, creation of tagged Adobe InDesign documents, merging with InDesign documents for Braunschweig University of Arts.

  • Website for Magnusburg, since 2007

    Website and mini-shop for local brewery and distributor Magnusburg.

  • Website for Class of Frances Scholz, since 2004

    Website and custom CMS for the class of Frances Scholz at Braunschweig University of Arts; students maintain their own portfolios; projects and exhibitions; website refitted upon NPIECE in 2013.

  • Website for Filmclub Ratzeburg e.V., since 2003

    Website for not-for-profit independent local cinema club with CMS for scheduling programs and movies; module for running fundraisers through crowdfunding.


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